Ensuring Excellence Through On-site Engineering Assistance and Consultation

Our technical team understands that each and every one of our customers’ manufacturing processes and requirements are uniquely different. Because environmental conditions and processes vary, on-site engineering assistance and consulting is recommended to formulate the best possible solution.
This focus in providing exacting solutions to customers’ problems is what sets us apart. When customers buy Aron Alpha® brand instant adhesives, they get more than a product – they get a partner who will work in tandem with them to find innovative solutions to their manufacturing and process challenges.

Whether it is a product recommendation or a complete turnkey process, Toagosei technical experts can provide the right solution. Our skilled engineers have years of combined experience developing hundreds of solutions for a wide array of manufacturers. Contact us today to gain access to:

• On-site engineering assistance and consulting
• Laboratory services and testing
• Prototype testing and preparation
• Analytical services to determine surface conditions and degree of cure

Toagosei engineering personnel are ready to visit with you at your location to take a first-hand look at your processes and current technologies and design an improved solution for your current or future assembly requirements.