Cyanoacrylate Adhesives for Building Supplies, Infrastructure, & Woodworking Component Assembly and Fabrication

What Are Cyanoacrylates?

Cyanoacrylates – also known as Krazy Glue, instant adhesives or CA glue – are a type of super glue known for their fast adhesion and strong bonding properties. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are activated through exposure to ambient moisture, such as humidity in the air and on the bonding material surface. When exposed to water ions, cyanoacrylates develop strong polymer chains, which bond instantly to a variety of surfaces. In fact, Industrial Krazy Glue is used to create immediate, durable bonds to materials ranging from rubber extrusions, wood, solid surface countertop materials and engineered plastics.

Toagosei America, one of the original formulators of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive technology (known as Aron Alpha®), offers a broad range of diverse CA glue formulations. Our Industrial Krazy Glue is particularly valued for its quick bonding, superior strength, and thermal resistance, which make it an ideal fit for building supply, infrastructure, and woodworking assembly applications.

Building Supply, Infrastructure & Woodworking Applications for Cyanoacrylates

Whether you are manufacturing vinyl windows, poly plantation shutters, installing complex crown moulding trim, refurbishing a bridge or manufacturing an electric guitar, there is a cyanoacrylate that can be formulated to meet your specific needs.

Poly Plantation Shutters Window Treatment

Poly Plantation Shutters Window Treatment

The usefulness of cyanoacrylate in bonding a plastic shutter is significant. The assembly process of shutters is custom made-to-order and turnover has to be fast to satisfy the customer, so there is a need for an adhesive to hold the various plastic extruded parts of the shutter together solidly within 3 to 5 minutes.

The process for assembly involves putting a bead of cyanoacrylate along the rails and styles and louvers, and then using a special machine clamp to hold the shutters together tightly while the cyanoacrylate cures. Because the gap size between the PVC extrusions can be large and variable, and because the glue is often placed on a vertical surface, there is a need for a no-run, thick cyano adhesive.

Rubber Expansion Joints for Bridge, Highway, Stadium and Other Infrastructure Expansion Joints

Rubber and bridge expansion joints are used to create flexible but strong structures that allow for expansion and contraction due to traffic, motion, pressure, and temperature fluctuations. Cyanoacrylates are ideal for bridge expansion joint bonding due to their exceptional strength, weather resistance, and quick-curing properties. They can be formulated to meet specific strength and flexibility requirements to ensure optimal joint reliability.

Crown Molding and Finish Carpentry

Crown Molding and Finish Carpentry

Cyanoacrylates are an excellent adhesive for decorative crown molding above interior walls, doorways, windows, and cabinets. It is best used with miter cut crown molding to ensure the molding fits accurately when the adhesive is applied. Crown mold miter joints are pre-cut to ensure optimal fit before installation. Although finish nails are typically used to secure crown molding, adhesive between seams prevents gaps and keeps the molding from separating over time due to temperature fluctuations.

Guitar Manufacturing and Instrument Repair Shops

Cyanoacrylate adhesives feature incredible bonding strength for quick jig-making, repairs, fretting, binding, inlaying, finish touch-ups, nut slot rebuilding and countless other tasks at major guitar manufacturers to the local instrument repair shops.

Cyanoacrylate formulations from thin viscosity that penetrates close-fitting wood joints and fingerboard cracks to medium viscosity and gel like formulas that fill small imperfect joint gaps to placing mother of pearl inlays to accelerators that makes bonding faster and great for hard-to-glue exotic wood and materials too.

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads

Use cyanoacrylate rubber stair tread adhesive to ensure that treads in high-traffic locations remain solidly affixed to the surface. Rubber treads are often used in commercial, retail, hospital, and school settings, where pedestrians must rely on secure footing in high-traffic areas. The durability and bonding speed of cyanoacrylates make them ideal for the fast installation of rubber stair treads in these busy spaces.

Additional Compatible Applications
In addition to the common applications listed above, cyanoacrylates are also used in the following applications:

  • Solid Surface Countertop Fabrication
  • Adhesive for Vinyl Window Manufacturing
  • Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) Adhesive
  • Touch up finishing in wood furniture manufacturing

Advantages of Cyanoacrylates for Building Supply, Infrastructure, and Woodworking Applications

Cyanoacrylates are ideal for use in building, construction, and furniture applications due to their exceptional strength, quick bonding, cost efficiency, and resistance to temperatures, chemicals, and electrical current.

Aron Alpha 600 Series

Exceptionally Strong Bonding Qualities
Cyanoacrylates are known for their extreme strength and ability to form durable and reliable bonds between similar and dissimilar materials, including a variety of metals, woods, plastics, elastomers, and ceramics. In addition, cyanoacrylates are highly durable, and can withstand extreme environmental conditions and stress for long periods of time.

Quick and Easy to Use
Cyanoacrylates are instant-bonding adhesives. Depending on the particular formulation, CA glue dries quickly, within a few seconds to a few minutes of application. The curing speed allows automated assembly processes to be completed more quickly, thereby enhancing production without compromising quality. Additionally, the one-part formulation of cyanoacrylates means that there is no need for a chemical catalyst or heat or pressure curing processes to activate the adhesive.

Temperature, Chemical, and Electrical Resistance
Cyanoacrylates are available in a broad range of formulations and are easily modified to enhance temperature resistance up to 250°F, increase resistance to certain chemicals, and improve electrical insulating properties. In addition to temperature, chemical, and electrical resistance, cyanoacrylates are non-flammable and environmentally safe, which makes them especially useful in both indoor and outdoor construction applications.

Exceptional Efficiency and Overall Cost Reduction
The amount of cyanoacrylate necessary to create a lasting, durable bond is significantly less than other adhesives. Although they may seem more expensive at the outset, the reduced material usage and enhanced adhesive quality significantly reduces overall operational costs. In addition, the one-component adhesive design reduces the amount of labor, equipment, and material necessary to bond materials.

Building Supply, Infrastructure, and Woodworking Super Glue at Toagosei America

For more than 50 years, Toagosei Inc. has been marketing Aron Alpha’s superior brand of cyanoacrylate technology worldwide. With more than half a century of acquired expertise, we have the expert team and knowledge necessary to help you find the perfect adhesive for your application. To learn more about our cyanoacrylate solutions for building, construction, or furniture applications, contact us today.