Customized Instant Adhesive Solutions

Need a custom cyanoacrylate adhesive for your unique application? Your Aron Alpha brand technical team has the answer. Ask us how we can formulate the right product for you.

Because we synthesize from basic chemicals, formulate, package and distribute our own products we have the capability to provide you with highest quality, custom formulated cyanoacrylate adhesive to meet your demanding production assembly requirements.

Whether you have a small or large instant adhesive project, in need of a high-tech or low-tech formulation, we can provide you with a product that is cost effective and meets your design, manufacturing and quality requirements.
Adhesive challenges are welcomed by our sales, marketing and research associates.

Here are a few examples of our Custom Formulation Concepts:
• Customer specific viscosity to meet assembly design requirement
• Customer specific curing speed (faster) to increase productivity of assembly process
• Customer specific curing speed (slower) to allow extra working time to make adjustment and alignment during part assembly
• UV tracer dye infused cyanoacrylate to allow vision system to confirm proper adhesive placement in order to improve quality of finished part assembly.
• Color dye infused cyanoacrylate to assist assembly operator visual inspection