Advanced Prototype Testing From Toagosei America

Aron Alpha brand cyanoacrylate adhesives are best known for their superior performance and reliability. But what makes us the “go to” cyanoacrylate adhesives manufacturer is our state-of-the-art testing facility located within our Ohio manufacturing facility. Our lab technicians can test our engineered cyanoacrylate adhesives with your product to ensure that you receive the most reliable solution with exceptional product performance.

Our prototype testing solutions encompass the following:

• Tensile Shear Strength Testing: A standard method for adhesive strength testing which measures the force needed to separate two bonded plates overlapped by a specific area.

• Impact Testing: Testing for impact resistance includes dropping a weight from a set height onto a bonded assembly and then recording the energy absorbed.

• Environmental & Durability Testing: In the real world, adhesives are exposed to various temperatures, moisture levels and harsh chemicals, so we do the same to bonded assemblies in the laboratory. Our resources can create environmental conditions that simulate, and even exceed the most serve conditions so you can have the confidence in the durability and longevity of an assembly in the field.

Once prototype testing is completed our R&D department presents you with an executive summary report along with the recommended adhesive samples for test in your manufacturing process.

On-site engineering assistance and consultation at your facility is also available to evaluate specifications and in-line process requirements in order to develop the appropriate cyanoacrylate adhesive for your unique assembly application.
Contact our technical department today to discuss your next assembly requirement.