Going Beyond the Product with Superior Laboratory Services

Toagosei America offers a wide range of laboratory services and testing capabilities. Our years of proven product development experience makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the exacting chemistry for your next assembly requirement. This experience ensures that your end product will be the highest possible quality.

Toagosei’s Technical Support Team understands the necessity of partnering with manufacturers and sharing this expertise with the industry. From product design and development to field testing of the manufacturing process, Toagosei brings a wealth of expertise and experience to its customers.

Our laboratory services and testing capabilities include:

• Process teardowns – identify bottlenecks, document cost reductions, and identify areas for innovation and opportunities for adhesive improvements
• Material properties testing – determine uncured, curing and cured properties of liquid adhesives and physical properties of bonding substrates ensures the perfect adhesive to assembly match
• Adhesive performance – to maximize performance, we evaluate the effect of process, substrate variables, and environmental conditions on bond strength on customer supplied assemblies
• Surface analysis – FTIR analysis of bonding surfaces for contamination, adhesive identification or characterization
• Process optimization – to improve your efficiencies, we identify optimum processing conditions for all adhesive assembly processes

Toagosei laboratories are capable of performing a wide variety of standards developed by Toagosei, ASTM, JIT and others. For specific applications, we can develop test methods to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us today to discuss all of your testing needs!

Examples of physical testing, environmental conditions and surface analysis capabilities include:

• Thermal shock
• Heat aging
• Humidity shock
• Tensile properties