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We invite you to review our extensive list of unique and value-added technologies for both industrial and consumer applications.  Detailed information on our full line of adhesive technologies can be found on our Product Technology pages, or by clicking on a product group below.

Industries Served

In the automotive industry, industry professionals use cyanoacrylate adhesives for the assembly of a wide range of exterior and interior automotive parts. Please contact for more information.

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Because of their fast cure time and strong adhesive bonds, cyanoacrylates are ideal for use in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) applications. They enable users to create durable and reliable joints that prevent assembly failure, extend equipment life, and increase production consistency. Please contact for more information.

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Whether you are manufacturing vinyl windows, poly plantation shutters, installing complex crown moulding trim, refurbishing a bridge or manufacturing an electric guitar, there is a cyanoacrylate that can be formulated to meet your specific needs. Please contact for more information.

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Cyanoacrylates are used for load-bearing medical equipment such as the bottoms of crutches, canes, walkers, cast boots, and surgical instruments. In addition, cyanoacrylates are widely used as an adhesive for medical equipment and devices that require a reliable bond. Please contact for more information.

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Cyanoacrylates offer strong, instant cures and bond easily to a variety of surfaces. These properties make them well-suited for use in industrial assembly operations. Please contact for more information.

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Cyanoacrylates are used during the plastic assembly process whenever similar or dissimilar plastic parts need to form a permanent, contact-based connection. Please contact for more information.

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Cyanoacrylates are used for speaker voice coil, cone and surround assembly, vacuum cleaner subcomponent assembly, nylon strain relief on vinyl power cord, windings on motor, control knobs, metal laminating of transformer cores. Please contact for more information.

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Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer an array of benefits to the manufacturer who needs to join elastomeric substrates to other substrates in the manufacturing process. Benefits include high peel strength, excellent bond retention after exposure to temperatures as high as 250 F, rapid fixturing times and cure speeds, and bonding low surface energy rubber with the use of surface treatment primers. Reach out to us for more information:

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Aron Alpha Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives Deliver You Instant Solutions For The Most Demanding Assembly Challenges


Toagosei America Inc., a subsidiary of Toagosei Co., Ltd., Japan, brings you the Aron Alpha® brand of cyanoacrylate instant adhesives and Industrial Krazy Glue.  These premium grade products offer you the highest performing line-up of industrial adhesives available in the industry.  Our technology offers you fast assembly solutions for a variety of substrates including plastics, elastomers and metals.

Combined with our process solutions such as primers, accelerators and setters and technical support, you can rely on Toagosei America to be your complete solutions provider from early stage development to full production.

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Our Ohio location serves North America, South America and European industrial markets.

Since 1963, Toagosei Co., Ltd., has been developing and manufacturing industry leading cyanoacrylate adhesives for a wide range of applications and since 1994 at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 registered factory in West Jefferson, Ohio.

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