Value-Added Services

Aron Alpha supplies high-quality, versatile adhesives across the globe. As a leader in innovative adhesive formulas and reliable products, we’re committed to creating a growing and diverse line of products that meet the needs of cutting-edge configurations and product assembly processes. No matter how big or small your products are, we have an adhesive that can get the job done right. We produce instant adhesives and industrial Krazy glue, accelerators for a fast-acting stick, and unique formulations for a wide range of substrates used across different industries. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified as part of our ongoing dedication to consistent quality, and our West Jefferson, Ohio, facility follows strict product quality standards with every batch.
For instant adhesives you can trust, contact us today at 800-338-5192 or reach our development team online. You can also choose Aron Alpha for custom adhesives, prototypes, and value-added services. Learn more about how we can partner with you to create the right adhesive for your products.

Our Value-Added Services

Our value-added services are carefully designed to help our clients during every stage of a product development journey. Services include:

Custom Formulations

Turn to Aron Alpha for high-quality custom formulations for high-volume production, low-volume orders, and specialty projects. We’ll create a cost-effective formula that meets the unique specifications of your products for a long-lasting bond that maintains your quality standards and works seamlessly with your product design and materials.

Our sales, marketing, and research teams are here to help with high-tech, low-tech, and challenging adhesive developments.

Lab Services and Testing

Our West Jefferson facility has the equipment and expert team for thorough formula testing and refinement. We have over 60 years of expertise in creating cyanoacrylate-based adhesives and other formulas for complex and unique requirements. To ensure the formula operates at peak performance, we offer comprehensive product design, manufacturing field testing, and formula modifications to zero in on an effective and efficiently manufacturable product.

Lab services and testing from Aron Alpha include:

  • Process teardowns
  • Adhesive performance testing
  • Surface analysis
  • Material properties testing
  • Process optimization

On-Site Engineering, Assistance, and Consultation

We offer turnkey project management for a completely hands-off product development cycle, as well as product recommendations and technical support. Our team of engineers has years of experience with hundreds of different formulations for use in different environments and on different materials. Our consulting services offer clients access to that expertise.

Prototype Testing

Our West Jefferson, Ohio, facility includes a state-of-the-art adhesives testing center. Here, our product engineers will test different adhesive formulations with your product substrates to ensure the right performance in varying applications and conditions. Prototype testing ensures each new product has the right combination of characteristics in the most efficient formula.

Why You Should Use Aron Alpha

Aron Alpha and Toagosei America Inc. have been providing industrial manufacturers with high-performance adhesives for 60 years. Our company is committed to a high degree of quality management for each of our diverse adhesives so our clients always have a product they can trust. We’re also committed to providing excellent customer service, with friendly assistance, expert consultations, and value-added services for any project. When you choose Aron Alpha, you get a product and a partnership formulated to last.

Contact Us Today for Your Next Project

Aron Alpha does more than provide clients in the automotive, manufacturing, and electronics industries with hundreds of reliable adhesives. Our clients also turn to us for custom product development, unique formulas for complex configurations, and technical support. Contact us today to start developing a unique formula for your products. Request a quote for pricing details, or talk with our services team at 614-718-3855.