About Us

For 60 years and counting, Aron Alpha has been leading the way in industrial cyanoacrylate adhesive technology. Our goal is to ensure you have a range of effective, affordable solutions to choose from, no matter the scope of your project. Based in West Jefferson, Ohio, our research and technical facilities follow stringent quality control systems under ISO 9001 standards, so you can rest assured our products perform according to your expectations. Call us at 800-338-5192 to discuss cyanoacrylate adhesives, primers, accelerators, and applicators and how we can meet your adhesive needs.

Who We Are

Perhaps best known among North American consumers for the trusted Instant Krazy Glue brand of super glue adhesives, Toagosei, Inc. has been marketing the Aron Alpha brand of cyanoacrylate technology in Japan and North and South America for decades. We produce reliable solutions for exceptional product performance.

It comes down to one guiding focus: what is your goal, and how can we help you reach it? Our research and development department is here to ensure our adhesive solutions can meet the demands of your unique assembly application with a variety of testing, production, and consulting services.

Primary and Support Services

Because we formulate, package, and distribute our own products, we can easily ensure quality control and customize your solutions. With our depth of experience, we partner with you from product design and development through field testing and manufacturing. We’ve provided thousands of solutions over the years, ranging from expert product recommendations to specialized formulations and turnkey solutions. This is what we can do for you:

  • Custom Formulations: For adhesive projects both large and small, we can customize the viscosity, curing speed, and adhesive color to meet your design, quality, and budget requirements. Our team loves a challenge.
  • Lab Services and Testing: From process teardowns and optimization to material property testing, adhesive performance, surface analysis, and more, our lab and testing capabilities establish us as your partner in customized adhesive solutions. While we offer a variety of standard testing, we can also develop customized test methods to suit your requirements. We’re not satisfied until you are.
  • On-Site Engineering Assistance and Consultation: When we fully understand your unique manufacturing process and environmental conditions, we’re better able to recommend the right industrial adhesive for you. In combination with our lab services and custom formulations, on-site engineering and consulting ensure the best solution for your project.
  • Prototype Testing: We offer prototype testing for tensile shear strength, impact, environment, and durability. Testing in the most extreme conditions gives you the confidence that the adhesive will perform as expected and required. After testing is complete, we provide you a detailed summary report with expert recommendations.

Industries Served

Our reliable adhesive solutions are trusted in a range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Automotive & Commercial Vehicles
  • Medical Device & Life Sciences
  • Electronic Device Assembly
  • Plantation Shutters and Window Assembly
  • Guitar Assembly
  • General Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Rubber and Plastic Assembly
  • Specialty Markets including Jewelry Supply, Dental Laboratory Supply, and Mortician Supply
  • And More!

Learn More About Aron Alpha

Watch this video to learn more about our extensive line of premium-grade industrial adhesives, accelerators, primers, and applicators, as well as our full range of services designed to help you find the right adhesive products for your assembly purposes.

About Aron Alpha


Your Trusted Partner for Industrial Adhesive Solutions

With decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve had the honor of providing reliable adhesive solutions for a wide range of products. We’d love to offer our recommendations for your project or create a customized formula to meet your needs. Call us at 800-338-5192 or 614-718-3855 to learn more, or request a quote online.