Industrial Assembly Cyanoacrylates

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are solvent-free, rapid-curing one-part adhesives derived from ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate monomers. They offer strong, instant cures (which is why they are also referred to as “instant adhesives” or “superglues”) and bond easily to a variety of surfaces. These properties make them well-suited for use in industrial assembly operations.

The following is an overview of the role of cyanoacrylate adhesives in industrial assembly applications.

How Are Cyanoacrylates Used in Industrial Assembly Applications?

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are utilized in in a wide range of industrial assembly applications, including for the following:

Bonding Rubber Gaskets to Filter Base Plates

Bonding Rubber Gaskets to Filter Base Plates

Industrial filter original equipment manufacturers serving the oil & gas, automotive, power generation, and pharmaceutical fields employ cyanoacrylates to bond elastomeric (rubber) gaskets onto the end caps of oil filters, hydraulic fluid, compressed air coalescing filters and particulate air filters. Cyanoacrylate adhesives create strong bonds with fast curing speeds, as well as resist oil and gasoline and heat exposure common to the filter end user environment. However, they are not suitable for filling gaps, so the substrates must be placed in close contact to form a solid bond.

EPDM Rubber Dryer Door Gaskets/Seals

When used in consumer and industrial clothes dryer appliances, gaskets keep hot air from escaping and cool air from entering. High-temperature cyanoacrylate adhesives serve as an excellent solution for dryer door seal bonding as they create strong and durable bonds that withstand high-temperature environments (up to 250° F) without the long cure times required by alternatives, such as acrylic, epoxy, and silicone adhesives.

Screen Printing/Silk Screening

Screen Printing/Silk Screening

Silk screen mesh bonding can be accomplished quickly and effectively with cyanoacrylate adhesive and if required, a cyanoacrylate activator or setter.

Silk screen mesh is normally made of woven material such as polyester, and the density of the weave dictates the viscosity adhesive you require. You need an adhesive that will penetrate the mesh but at the same time not flow uncontrollably.  Frames are made of wood and metals such as aluminum. Cyanoacrylates are available from wicking liquid to no run gel formulas compatible with all substrates and environments.

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetics packaging manufacturers make use of cyanoacrylates for primary and secondary packaging operations. Low odor and low bloom cyanoacrylates are used for aesthetic applications such as decorative sleeves on lipstick packaging as well as decorative packaging for perfume bottles.  Adhesives’ ability to integrate into high speed assembly applications because of their quick cure speed and ease of use make cyanoacrylates a viable solution in the cosmetic packaging trade.

Additional Industrial Assembly Applications

The above applications are not all-inclusive. Cyanoacrylates are used in the assembly operations for a variety of parts and products as well, including:

  • Shoe repair and touch up in shoe manufacturing quality inspection operations, due to instant adhesives’ ability to bond a variety of materials with speed and strength.
  • Rapid 3D prototyping using low odor cyanoacrylates as an infiltrant to harden 3D model granular powder in order to form a durable prototype.
  • Musical instruments such as decorative guitar mother of pearl inlay, binding, fretting, finishing touch ups, nut slot repairs

Advantages of Cyanoacrylates for Industrial Assembly Applications

Cyanoacrylates are highly versatile, finding application in countless industrial assembly operations. Some of the key reasons industry professionals employ these adhesives are:

  • Low environmental impact. They contain no solvents, so they have a much smaller impact on the environment.
  • High bond strength. They form strong and durable bonds that do not diminish with age.
  • Non-flammability. Since they do not contain solvents, there is no risk of ignition.
  • Rapid cure times. Their cure times range from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the needs of the assembly application.
  • Broad bonding versatility. They can be used to bond similar and dissimilar materials, ranging from metals, plastics, and elastomers to glass, ceramic, and wood.
  • Ease of use. They accommodate both manual and automated application in small shops to large production lines and enable the creation of strong bonds in shorter time periods.
  • High-temperature suitability. They are available in high-temperature formulations suitable for use in environments up to 250° F.
  • High manufacturing efficiency and low cost. They reduce the need for clamping or fixturing during attachment operations, decreasing the amount of facility space required to be dedicated to such applications.

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