Popular Types of Aron Alpha Instant Adhesives

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Popular Types of Aron Alpha Instant Adhesives

Aron Alpha® is a pioneer producer of power glues since 1963, otherwise known as cyanoacrylate instant adhesives. Our Industrial Krazy Glue™ offers the most comprehensive line of industrial instant adhesives available for a variety of commercial and industrial uses.

Providing various benefits such as fast drying speeds, powerful bonding, easy adhesion to various materials, and exceptional mechanical strength, Aron Alpha’s instant adhesives are ideal for a range of industries. Here, we will go over some of the most popular grades of instant adhesives in our line of super glue products.

Aron Alpha Type 201

Aron Alpha Type 201 is a humidity cure, one component (no mixing required) general purpose instant adhesive. The viscosity is extremely low, and it is suitable for bonding plastics, rubbers, and metals.

This instant adhesive also features:

  • Low, wicking viscosity suitable for penetrating press fit cracks/gaps through capillary action
  • Broad temperature range (-65°F to 180°F)
  • Instant adhesion for enhanced manufacturing efficiency
  • Works well with porous surfaces

Type 201 formula is available in the following packaging presentations:

  • 10 gm capsule (5 x 2 gm tube) – reorder # AA480
  • 20 gm bottle – reorder # AA490
  • 50 gm bottle – reorder # AA591
  • 500 gm bottle – reorder # AA500

Aron Alpha Type 202

Aron Alpha Type 202 is an instant adhesive suitable for bonding elastomers, metal, and plastic. This product is based on the ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate monomer.. Aron Alpha Type 202 is a general purpose instant adhesive with a moderate setting time and intermediate gap filling capabilities.

Other characteristics include:

  • 10 to 40 second setting time, depending on the material
  • Broad temperature range (-65°F to 180°F)
  • RoHS compliant, meets Mil-Spec MIL-A-46050C Type II Class 1

Type 202 formula is available in the following packaging presentations:

  • 10 gm capsule (5 x 2 gm tube) – reorder # AA475
  • 20 gm bottle – reorder # AA485
  • 50 gm bottle – reorder # AA590
  • 500 gm bottle – reorder # AA495

Aron Alpha Type 232

This instant adhesive features a fast setting formula for bonding plastic, metal, elastomers, wood, and artificial marble. It also has a faster fixture speed compared to Type 201 and 202 and can bridge small gaps between substrates.

Other features of Aron Alpha Type 232 include:

  • Good for tough-to-bond applications
  • Medium viscosity especially suited for porous materials
  • Bonding time varies from 5 to 20 seconds, depending on the material

Type 232 formula is available in the following packaging presentations:

  • 20 gm bottle – reorder # AA577
  • 50 gm bottle – reorder # AA596
  • 500 gm bottle – reorder # AA508

Aron Alpha Type 414TXZ

Aron Alpha Type 414TX is a one component, rubber-toughened instant adhesive featuring a thixotropic gel viscosity with increased flexibility and peel strength. This adhesive also has enhanced resistance to impacts, thermal cycling, and shock.

Designed for bonding metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces, Aron Alpha Type 414TXZ also features:

  • Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures (-65°F to 250°F)
  • Fast bonding times (20 sec on steel)
  • High bond strength (4,300 psi tensile shear on steel)
  • No run, gel viscosity (6,000 cps)

414TX formulas are vailable in the following packaging presentations:

  • 50 gm bottle – reorder # AA900
  • 500 gm bottle – reorder # AA901

Partner With Aron Alpha

Aron Alpha instant adhesives offer a strong, quick-setting solution for bonding a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, rubber, metal, wood, elastomers, and more. Our high-performance line of industrial adhesives can solve even your most demanding assembly challenges, and each formula is available in both small and large containers to fit your needs.

The many desirable benefits and features of our instant adhesives make them trusted by abroad array of industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, woodworking, and many more. To learn more about our extensive catalog of products, or for help determining which industrial instant adhesive is right for your application, contact us or request information today.

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