Aron Alpha Cyanoacrylate Accelerators

Aron Alpha® Aerosol or Liquid Cyanoacrylate Accelerator is used where increased cure speed of cyanoacrylate instant adhesive is required. When applying the glue to one surface and spraying or brushing the other surface with a small mist or coating of the cyanoacrylate instant adhesive accelerator, the glue will bond and dry almost instantly.

The cyanoacrylate accelerator can be either pre- or post-applied to the bond. These industrial adhesive accelerators are especially suited for post-application with cyanoacrylate adhesives to ensure rapid adhesion.

Typical applications for using Aron Alpha® Cyanoacrylate Accelerator include:

• Securing wires or coils to PC Boards • Mounting stand-offs
• Tamper-proofing adjustable components • Board stiffeners
• Edge guides • Loud speaker assembly
• Coil to ferrite magnet bonding
• Flash curing adhesive beads or fillets
• Cosmetic applications where adhesive appearance is critical

As with an aerosol, using the accelerator can be highly flammable and volatile. It is important to follow relevant local regulations when using this product. In addition, the solvent in the aerosol may degenerate some plastics such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene and Acrylic. The affected surface area of these materials may become cloudy or sticky. For best results, test all surfaces before using in the intended application.


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